Fox news brainwashed my dad


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Where did you research all the facts about Roger Ailes, or the various memos you cite? I mentioned that I was looking for stories similar to mine. The Skype folks were from word of mouth.

Fox news brainwashed my dad

In my wildest dreams I would hope that it becomes one of those "known" things that Fox News is Faux News and convinces people to vote against their own interests and hate anybody who doesn't think like they do. You have people fighting with their families.

Fox news brainwashed my dad

Fox news brainwashed my dad

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  1. When I was in college I knew a lot of gays, and he was friendly and even gregarious and even thought them "cultured. Most people who choose to ingest one type of media are going to get influenced by that media.

  2. And that anger, even though it's anger, is still passion. Interesting that you ask that question because it is such a central component in my film.

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