Fun dares and challenges


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Spin everyone on the spot 10 times, then have them walk in a straight line. Do you prefer talking or texting?

Fun dares and challenges

What makes you cry? Do you like to read and if so, what is your favorite book?

Fun dares and challenges

Fun dares and challenges

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  1. Smell the feet of everyone in the room and rank them from best to worst. Serenade Her - Get a stranger to serenade the bride-to-be.

  2. Eat a spoonful of mustard.

  3. Start doing a strip tease and keep going for a minute. Eat a mouthful of crackers and then try and whistle.

  4. Soak a shirt in water, put in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then wear it.

  5. Write a letter to your doctor describing an embarrassing rash you have, and post it on Facebook. This game fits the bill for anyone.

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