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He first threw leg over a saddle more than 55 years ago. Holt tasked me with a lead on the last production FXR, though, I felt like I was looking for rare treasure on two wheels. James Bakalich That information didn't come to light until after Howell broke in his new motorcycle.


Holding claim to both of those honors is what makes this motorcycle such a rarity and a pleasure to bring to you. When he saw a yellow FXR in a magazine article in or so, he knew he had to have one as his next scoot. Scammers stepped up to bottom feed him out of his treasure, but Howell was having none of it.



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  1. James Bakalich James isn't the original owner though. Eventually, they sent Howell the paperwork on it stating that this bike was, in fact, the final FXR and Evolution motor Harley ever made.

  2. Someone neglected to tell the dealership that they had the last of the breed on their showroom floor. It wasn't until James bugged the hell out of him to buy it that Howell relented.

  3. If they had, I strongly doubt Howell would've been able to purchase it.

  4. Someone neglected to tell the dealership that they had the last of the breed on their showroom floor. His wonder only deepened on finding another signature on the frame, where the writing was covered by the seat before he took it off during cleaning.

  5. For one thing, no one's ever had divine fire shoot out of a bike and turn people into human patty melts.

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