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In addition to treatment services both GAH and clinics provide community health outreach, including maternal-child health care, immunization, and health education. HIV infected women of reproductive age group years who came for ART care follow up during the data collection period were included in the study. To address these problems family planning is the best solution.


Therefore, for the entire population, there are less than inpatient beds available. However, use of dual methods, long acting and permanent method of contraceptives were found to be low.



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  1. More than half, All hospitals are located at least 70 km or 2 hours driving from each other.

  2. The region is very mountainous. Data was collected using an interviewer administered questionnaire.

  3. Gimbie itself is located at an altitude of approximately meters. Most families do not have books in their homes.

  4. This library houses some old books, has a part time librarian, no electricity or bathroom, furnished with old and mostly irreparable furniture.

  5. Most families do not have books in their homes.

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