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Do many of your members opt for snail mail as opposed to e-communications? Run by Marjorie Edwards, it has a Facebook page. I have found some great pen friends from Friendship Books.

Global penfriends international

Clubs usually have a joining fee. However, I have written to considerably younger people successfully. It also has a website at:

Global penfriends international

Global penfriends international

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  1. Ways of Writing to Pen Friends Letters to penfriends can be hand written using pen and paper. Also, when my Finnish pen friend's son came to UK for a convention, I offered him a place to stay in my home.

  2. I unfriended her and only corresponded by snail mail from then on. I have found some great pen friends from Friendship Books.

  3. The website address for pen pals is: I had two lovely holidays staying in France with my pen friend.

  4. Often the people who are corresponding never meet. The other time was when an online pen friend had some kind of bug on her comp that copied her ID.

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