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The ore body is tabular. Despite this reported tonnage of ore, the size of the deposit is conservatively estimated here to be in the 'small' category.

Greeley hill california

A stamp mill operated on the property in Local rocks include Paleozoic marine rocks, undivided, unit 4 Western Sierra Nevada.

Greeley hill california

Greeley hill california

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  1. Ore minerals are native gold and auriferous pyrite. There is an 8 x 10 foot inclined shaft feet deep with levels at intervals of feet and drifts aggregating more than feet.

  2. Ore bodies were blocked out with the intention of rehabilitating the mine and bringing it into production by the end of Metals Economics Group reported that core drilling and assays by Aurum Technologies in indicated ore bodies contained 1 million short tons of ore averaging 0.

  3. There is an 8 x 10 foot inclined shaft feet deep with levels at intervals of feet and drifts aggregating more than feet. The ore body is tabular.

  4. MRDS database stated accuracy for this location is 1, meters. Bowen and Gray were not aware of any active mining on the property between and

  5. As of , the mine was still in development, but any subsequent activities at the mine are unknown.

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