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Many others were sold as slaves in the big cities, like Kabul. There is also another epic story that depicts Hazara women strength. In some Kuchi nomads entered into parts of Hazarajat to graze their livestock, and when the local Hazara resisted, a clash took place and several people on both sides died using assault rifles.

Hazara girls

The matter is being investigated by the Afghan government. By , after severe fighting, the secularist groups lost all their power to the Islamists.

Hazara girls

Hazara girls

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  1. During the Soviet—Afghan War , the Hazarajat region did not see as much heavy fighting as other regions of Afghanistan.

  2. Thus, it is widely and popularly [25] believed that Hazara have Mongolian ancestry. Particularly after their capture of Mazar-i-Sharif in , where after a massive killing of some 8, civilians, the Taliban openly declared that the Hazara would be targeted.

  3. Gul Begum could breathe freedom only briefly because she spent the rest of her life living in slavery. Important political meeting are attended almost exclusively by men and the most important decision are always taken only by men.

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