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The paramedics checked Clinton's vital signs, put ice and a splint on his leg and put him into an ambulance. Hobe Sound is a predominantly wealthy community whose residents have included such celebrities as "Tiger" Woods, Alan Jackson, Celine Dion, and Burt Reynolds among others. Another significant historical association possessed by Hobe Sound is the brief stay there of former Defense Secretary James Forrestal in between his resignation from that post and his death.

Hobe sound area code

It remained in use as a school until Over the decades, it was home or a winter home for wealthy businessman and industrialists, politicians, and sports and entertainment celebrities.

Hobe sound area code

Hobe sound area code

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  1. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Thus, Hobe Sound can lend to both while retaining its proud heritage and unique personality.

  2. Over the decades, it was home or a winter home for wealthy businessman and industrialists, politicians, and sports and entertainment celebrities.

  3. They found Clinton lying on the ground being comforted by Norman and a Secret Service agent. Connie Mariano, the president's personal physician.

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