Home bikini wax tips


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Place a clean towel on the floor and make sure all your tools are still in their original packaging or have been sterilized. Nobody wants to have to run to the drug store with half a bikini wax.

Home bikini wax tips

Let's be real here, nothing short of getting knocked out will numb the pain so be swift and remember to hold your skin taut while ripping. And at a fraction of the cost of getting it done at a salon, that first messy experience seemed almost worth it. Use the Right Tools There are lots of options for waxing, so it can be confusing.

Home bikini wax tips

Home bikini wax tips

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  2. Riley adds that many people believe the wax itself is hot enough to keep it germ-free, but it isn't so no double-dipping!

  3. If you have extreme pain in one area, a painful bump, or any sign of infection like persistent redness or a fever, see a doctor immediately. Eyes closed and teeth clenched, I made that first excruciatingly painful rip.

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