Hottest beach in california


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But along Southern California's sunny and warm coast, you'll see more sunbathers and people splashing in the waves. We loved the ground floor fire pit overlooking the lighted pier.

Hottest beach in california

El Matador Beach Photo by: Carved into the park's ridges and canyons are more than 23 miles of mountain-biking, horseback riding and hiking trails, many of which feature steep, rocky climbs. The hotel is tastefully appointed with soft colors of sand and sea.

Hottest beach in california

Hottest beach in california

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  1. At 1, feet, this easily walkable promenade was ideal for watching the sun disappear over the horizon and light up the evening sky. Sitting by a weathered pier, gazing past wooden lifeguard stands toward a fiery sunset, one can't help but wax nostalgic for days when Beach Boys records and longboards were all the rage.

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