How do you avoid queefing


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Instead of being a simple piston, he's pushing down a bit on the upstroke. But someone's dropping or elevating at a particular moment in the cycle.

How do you avoid queefing

If you google "vaginal air embolism", and read the stuff posted by actual doctors, everybody says, "Yeah, it's possible, but it happens very rarely. Or, every once in a while, have him pull all the way out and let your pussy purge.

How do you avoid queefing

How do you avoid queefing

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  1. Everything I've ever heard is that it takes serious pressure to actually cause a gas embolism.

  2. So tell him to stay in a bit more.

  3. It is a bit hard to see from his perspective, but the front side of things that is facing the bed doesn't line up the same way the backside of things facing up does in this position.

  4. But it is not a simple cause-and-effect result. Your vagina gets pulled open enough to introduce some air from above his penis, then he pushes back up, makes the seal, and thrusts.

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