How to break up with a liar boyfriend


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There are no winners. The latter is difficult to achieve, but ultimately a more expedient path to peace. There may be any number of causes or triggers—an affair physical or emotional , growing disdain, physical rejection, addiction, and anger—but when the betrayal results in often-public drama and fireworks, rather than a calm, loving, and honest reckoning, it lays waste to all the joy the couple in question might have experienced together, coloring the entire relationship with pain.

How to break up with a liar boyfriend

I think there's a strength that comes from taking personal responsibility, but in the long run, you have to remember who really caused the bulk of the damage. Some people chicken out and try to act like a jerk so that the other person breaks up with them first.

How to break up with a liar boyfriend

How to break up with a liar boyfriend

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  1. I'm sorry you're hurting so much. Instead people bolt, cheat, lie, withdraw, get addicted to things, or trash the whole thing with an abrupt cut-off and hostile attack listing every imagined resentment and flaw.

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