How to shave your genital


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Shave with light, gentle strokes, rinsing often, and with the skin pulled taut Rinse Your Blades Often. Moreover, men's shaving cream is often scented, which can lead to irritation and painful stinging.

How to shave your genital

Are you allowed to shave? If you are new to pubic shaving, you may want to leave your hair short for a couple of days, as this will allow you to get used to the feeling of being bare down there. It is recommended that you use shaving foam or cream that is designed for shaving pubic hair rather than facial hair.

How to shave your genital

How to shave your genital

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  1. Lather Up with Shave Gel.

  2. Yes, hair grows on your bum too. No matter what you use, just make sure that it's unscented and it isn't full of possibly irritating perfumes.

  3. Check For Dull Blades. Together, they cited information from 5 references , which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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