Hwy 411 yard sale


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People are friendly, parking plentiful, and restaurants range from fast food to sit down. Peruse the rows of arts and crafts for unique items to take home. Free parking lots are next to the depot and there is street parking.

Hwy 411 yard sale

Plus, there are sundry shops, antique stores and those tempting restaurants to try. Peruse the rows of arts and crafts for unique items to take home.

Hwy 411 yard sale

Hwy 411 yard sale

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  1. Just drive straight on in until you get here, then park and shop. The Highway Yard Sale is held annually on the first weekend of October and a few days before that.

  2. Plus, it's in my backyard, and I am absolutely partial to my back yard. Take the Athens exit 49, turn left onto Highway 30 when you come off of the interstate and keep going.

  3. Music entertainment includes top area talent. Turn left and keep going into town.

  4. It's a small slice of Americana Pie.

  5. As of this writing, spaces are still available near the high school.

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