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You'll have the option to reactivate your account at any time by signing in to Facebook with your old account information. Facebook Envy No surprise here, but Facebook breeds jealousy, a new study shows.

Inactivate facebook account

Without Facebook, your pictures, thoughts, work and ideas remain your own, inaccessible by potentially harmful intentions. No one else can see your profile. You should only do this if you are absolutely sure you want to permanently delete your Facebook account.

Inactivate facebook account

Inactivate facebook account

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  1. No one wants to read your Taylor-Swift-fueled, bitter statuses claiming to be "over it. Deactivating your account during test time makes it that much harder to refresh your news feed, aka slack and lose focus -- since it will seem like the majority of the world is out enjoying themselves even though they're probably procrastinating, too.

  2. But "that's always a concern but it hasn't happened yet. You'll notice the application process goes by a lot faster without a Facebook interruption every five minutes.

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