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In a bank, two hotels, eight general stores, a drugstore, a hardware store, a lumberyard, a blacksmith, a tinsmith, and a school system, with eleven teachers, functioned in the town. In the town had three grocery stores, three general stores, a hardware store, a drugstore, an ice plant, two gas stations, and a garage. The Dawes Commission had the town platted in , before the Creek allotment.

Inola independent

By the population had climbed to , but it declined to in The facility was to be built approximately 3 miles 4.

Inola independent

Inola independent

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  1. In the electric company discontinued construction and abandoned its plans.

  2. The decline continued through the post World War II era, reaching in Claremore College Foundation,

  3. For the rest of the twentieth century the population boomed, with the town emerging as a "bedroom" community for Tulsa. The area was then just inside the northeastern corner of the Creek Nation in Indian Territory.

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