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After that, you can schedule a full or quick scan on a daily or weekly basis. We launch each URL simultaneously in four browsers. Sophos Home Premium includes the same CryptoGuard behavior-based ransomware protection found in its Windows equivalent.

Intego reviews

Safari on Mojave automatically blocks ads and social media trackers. Of course, any antivirus utility should handle ransomware just as it handles spyware, Trojans, viruses, and other malware types.

Intego reviews

Intego reviews

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  1. The recommended Standard level adds detection of malware aimed at Windows, so your Mac doesn't accidentally pass those along. Several products achieved a perfect 18 points, all six points for all three criteria.

  2. The chart also doesn't include free products such as Sophos and Avira, but you can find all of these products in the blurbs at the bottom of this roundup. I copied those to a thumb drive and scanned the drive with Intego.

  3. You may have heard that the coming macOS Mojave advances the platform's privacy and security. We don't have the option to do that on the physical Mac testbed, so we just have to figure that since it worked on Windows, it probably works on macOS.

  4. You get a notification any time an untrusted program attempts to access either; you can allow access or stop the program. You can also control real-time protection and schedule scans right from the main window—more about scheduling later.

  5. It consists of two components:

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