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Many penpallers like to trade sheets of stickers, notecards and stationery sets. Find international pen friends from schools that are like your own in terms of age range and number of penfriends.

International penfriends

Find international pen friends from schools that are like your own in terms of age range and number of penfriends. While the expansion of the Internet has reduced the number of traditional penpals, [1] penpal clubs can nowadays be found on the Internet, in magazine columns, newspapers, and sometimes through clubs or special interest groups.

International penfriends

International penfriends

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  1. The computer system and database used for this service were not sold, taken over, or continued in any way.

  2. The claymation film Mary and Max is about the pen pal relationship between an American man and an Australian girl. In the Peanuts comic strip from the s and s, Charlie Brown tries to write to a pen pal using a fountain pen but after several literally "botched" attempts, Charlie switches to using a pencil and referring to his penpal as his "pencil-pal", with his first letter to his "pencil-pal" explaining the reason for the name change.

  3. When the letters suddenly stop coming, he heads to Poland to find out the reason. Many people prefer to receive paper letters, gaining the satisfaction of seeing their name carefully printed on a thick envelope in the letterbox.

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