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It's a clear-eyed, indelible portrait of a boy who seems specific and real, yet universal. The song, written from the perspective of a little boy named Luka, is a heartbreakingly tough snapshot of a battered soul.

Jack jackson upside down lyrics

DiFranco's song is both a protest for a woman's right to choose and a protest to the protestors that inhibited those rights in the late '80s and early '90s. Costello went one step beyond, named his target in , and brought it back 24 years later to make sure nobody forgot. In the song, DiFranco discusses the abortion as a "casualty" she endured -- "a relatively easy casualty", an almost prophetic designation as violence against abortion clinics skyrocketed to a bloody climax on the eve of

Jack jackson upside down lyrics

Jack jackson upside down lyrics

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