Jelly sponge trifle


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It's light, frothy and utterly delicious, but, although it would make a brilliant dessert in its own right, the flavours are wasted here. Felicity Cloake Trifle, although a sacred dish, is not one hidebound by ridiculous ritual. As long as you conform to the heaven-sent prescription of layers of cake, fruit, booze, custard and cream, you'll be in for a Christmas treat.

Jelly sponge trifle

I give Saberi's recipe a try. I like Sarah Raven and Good Food magazine's idea of substituting frozen fruit, which is increasingly available, and more robust.

Jelly sponge trifle

Jelly sponge trifle

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  1. If you always use a sponge cake, try substituting it for a flavoured cake base, Italian-style sponge fingers or amaretti biscuits. And they've got their selection packs to keep them happy.

  2. If you always use a sponge cake, try substituting it for a flavoured cake base, Italian-style sponge fingers or amaretti biscuits.

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