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As long as my emails were sent by 9: While it is slightly faster to use this method of communication, many inmates have stated that they prefer hand written notes over the computer printed alternative. And I spent an entire afternoon simply trying to update my credit card expiration date so I could purchase more stamps.

Jpay email inbox

On the right, click on "My Account. I was not able to change my new expiration date until I made another purchase. Before my credit card expired and I forgot to change the new expiration date I had no problems with this app and would have rated it 5 stars.

Jpay email inbox

Jpay email inbox

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  1. Another family member has this app and is not required to turn on location service before viewing a stamp balance. To prevent this from happening, make sure you click "Send" and then after that make sure you click "Continue.

  2. I do not understand why this request is necessary. Likely it is the fault of the glitchy, badly designed JPay system.

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