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Most training is scenario-based. After the birth of his first child Craig started to seriously look into practical self-defence and Krav Maga was recommended to him in by a friend in the Special Forces. With 2 weekly Krav Maga Self Defence and Fitness classes in Ipswich there is plenty of opportunity to come and meet like-minded people, learn something new and above all, have fun.

Krav maga ipswich

The longer Craig trained in Krav Maga, the more he realised just how effective the techniques are to everyday problems and the more he wanted to progress and learn. Not all martial arts training in Ipswich, Queensland is created equal.

Krav maga ipswich

Krav maga ipswich

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  1. After returning to Australia Ty redoubled his Krav Maga training and trained in Israel a total of three times.

  2. They easily turn their students into raving fans.

  3. Krav Maga fighters in Queensland train specifically with scenario drills such as low light attacks, multiple attackers, group violence, assault prevention, 3rd party protection, real-world not ancient weapon attacks, ATM roberies, home invasion, car jacking and similar life threatening events.

  4. His other active pursuits include shooting, fitness, kettlebells, nutrition and bodybuilding — where he represented Australia in the Natural Olympia Titles in

  5. Training under his instructor Piero B, Trent quickly learned the important difference between sport fighting and reality-based combat. Media Gallery Load More

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