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Even a perfect shot with a Magnum can kill you, so it's best to find some area of cover before attacking. The extent of damage to the Hunter's sight suggests his other senses are far more developed than those of typical Infected, allowing him to hunt with far greater efficiency.

L4d smoker cosplay

Never attack the Survivor's group as a whole; always attack the "lone wolf" players who wander off from the others or those who are lagging behind. Hunters can be "dead pounced".

L4d smoker cosplay

L4d smoker cosplay

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  1. Here are some level-specific areas that will decide a Survivor's fate.

  2. As most average Survivor groups end up splitting into pairs; always try to team up with the other Hunter player to pin two Survivors at once. However, if you can pounce and deal 25 damage instantly, it can really hurt the Survivor or even incapacitate them.

  3. This can also be useful when attacking, or getting to a place from which to attack.

  4. When an AI Hunter is hit enough, they will do a large leap backwards and run back up for a pounce attack.

  5. However, in Left 4 Dead 2, this hidden effect is removed. At the same time, there seems to be some sort of muscle delay after an initial attack post-attack recharge where the Hunter is not able to move as swiftly.

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