Larping in indiana


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Without the Kickstarter, we would need to reduce the number of cabins we rented below the full number our site offers 3, sleeping up to 36 total participants, with a fourth coming online soon, adding an additional 8 beds , potentially requiring us to play around other people on the game site. These lands are torn, both by traditions of races keeping to themselves, and the ensuing violent struggles for personal territory that comes with it. Overnight, an entire city was reduced to a smoldering, blood-soaked maze of lost lives and debris.

Larping in indiana

Saga Points are an additional way beyond Experience Points to improve your character and "unlock" character options that are "hidden" to other characters. Fundamentally, our Kickstarter is to help us get our site rented exclusively to us and really kickstart our game as we expand to become Central Indiana's best fantasy LARP experience.

Larping in indiana

Larping in indiana

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