Leo male and scorpio female compatibility


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They are both obsessive in a way. His lion's pride though won't let him give in first especially since he is the man and feels that it would belittle him to do so. And he is actually sociable and funny, but not elusive.

Leo male and scorpio female compatibility

Leo likes to be in interaction with people and knows how to put them in the right place. If you want to become closer to him, make sure to give him a few compliments now and then and always listen carefully when he is speaking.

Leo male and scorpio female compatibility

Leo male and scorpio female compatibility

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  1. Fortunately, this describes the Scorpio woman to a T.

  2. For the Leo man and Scorpio woman, this dramatic relationship could well turn out to be unfathomable.

  3. He doesn't want to take the time to understand how I feel, and what drives me, instead he feels that if I don't agree with him, then I'm wrong.

  4. Meet the Leo Man: To paraphrase your fellow Scorpio, Katy Perry, you're gonna hear him roar.

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