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We faced no challenges to, only affirmations of, our journey. If so, please list them below and if you have any notes — was your experience good, poor? What do you wish you would have known before you started?

Lesbian kendra

How have you overcome those challenges and what advice would you give new parents in a similar situation? Kendra has always wanted to carry a child, whereas I have never had that desire. Did you share your journey with your family and friends?

Lesbian kendra

Lesbian kendra

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  1. How have you overcome those challenges and what advice would you give new parents in a similar situation? During the entire process, not a single person batted an eye at our relationship or desire to have a child together.

  2. We also are in contact with the families of some of her donor-siblings — children conceived by other parents using the same donor sperm — through donorsiblingregistry.

  3. On our first try, Kendra got pregnant! We had imagined the process to be very straightforward and simple, easily handled in a detached manner, but the reality is there is no mental or emotional break during the process, which can really dampen your spirit.

  4. We knew we wanted two kids and both agreed that we would find the money to make that happen.

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