Letting go of hurtful relationships


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If you see yourself and one of your relationships in any of these themes, it might be time to consider letting it go. Some less intimate relationships like a friendship can handle this, especially if each person is respectful of the other's values and life decisions around those values. When you try to share your own problems or discuss something that's bothering you, somehow the conversation always winds up about the other person.

Letting go of hurtful relationships

It's advisable to seek the support of a trained counselor to help you. Finding a creative outlet to process your emotions can be very beneficial when we've just let go of a painful relationship.

Letting go of hurtful relationships

Letting go of hurtful relationships

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This is one of the most certain us of adolescence to let go. Wearing is key but determination is a choice.

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  1. What realizations or self-awareness did you embrace in order to make the difficult decision?

  2. The more you condition yourself, the more wired those emotions become and the more easily you can adapt to any situation thrown your way. When you are in a one-sided relationship.

  3. The decision threshold is different for every individual. Why do we hold on to things that are no longer relevant in our lives?

  4. And how will you feel in this new chapter of your life?

  5. The ego loves instant gratification. But our unique emotional habits can have profound influence on the way we look at life, the way we carry ourselves, the way we speak, the words we use and the way we act.

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