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Cuba won the Academy Award for best supporting actor. Oh wait, I just spoiled the movie with the last point.

List of football movies

The film's star football player is a girl, Becky. The movie, which stars Cuba Gooding Jr. Iron Maiden's tune of the same name is said to be loosely inspired by the movie.

List of football movies

List of football movies

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  1. Legend has it that Stallone wanted to score the winning goal of the flick.

  2. And this one has Ray Nitschke.

  3. I have to respect them for that. And this one has Ray Nitschke.

  4. Harrelson does not dunk in this film. The name of the winning play that Marshall used against Xavier was " Bootleg Screen.

  5. The film tells the real-life story of Vince Papale, a bartender who successfully tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles and played football professionally from to

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