Love can move mountains quote


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If you are currently in a happy relationship, be inspired about the fact that billions out there are still hoping for their luck on love to come. You do good deeds to others, keep them safe, and wish good things to happen to them out of love.

Love can move mountains quote

Nor even the most painful sufferings. In her heart, she really wanted to start a family of her own.

Love can move mountains quote

Love can move mountains quote

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  1. I think the message could be applied to all who loves.

  2. Loving can make you feel good and being loved is among the best gifts one can receive.

  3. We all aim to be in heaven someday.

  4. You should consider him or her as your most priced treasure.

  5. It can lead even the weakest man towards the path of strength and instill kindness to a cruel heart.

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