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I found two sitting benches placed close to the water however they are placed close to trees which they and the branches obscure the view to the surroundings. A long walking bridge is also there allowing to watch ducks swim under the bridge and to get a close view without being too close to the water and the birds. Barbecuing on a sunny day be not be ideal as shade is very limited.

Macleod victoria

Immersed in glorious garden seclusion, much loved meticulous maintained interior spaces include a formal living room, a warm and welcoming eat-in kitchen, where the family will gather after work and school to chat about the day, and a fabulous casual living zone. This is great for kids playing and taking water breaks with the close proximity to water. I made my way to the Village Common which is a very nice, large, maintained park with many facilities.

Macleod victoria

Macleod victoria

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