Massage therapist horror stories


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I took one look and covered him up. But we mostly just see the people who are on the receiving end of happy endings in the picture; we rarely think about the massage therapists who give the happy endings.

Massage therapist horror stories

Well, unfortunately the gentleman had a Sacajawea coin sized pus filled blister on his back that popped during the massage. I guess we figured he must have known about it because it was huge!

Massage therapist horror stories

Massage therapist horror stories

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  1. I ask her why she didn't tell anyone she'd had a history of shingles and she said "oh, well I was in here because of the stroke, not my shingles" He said "Ah that's something my patrner and I would be interested in" and asked "

  2. I treat a retired politician's wife who always has gas. I knew what that strange consistency was now.

  3. This conversation and the time a rather lonely, elderly gay man told me how much he appreciated "having a pretty man to take care of him" were the weirdset moments.

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