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While the duties of each job are similar, a RD has more autonomy to work individually in a self-directed manner. Dietetic Technician, Registered Those who are interested in the dietary profession might question the differences between a Registered Dietitian and a Dietetic Technician, Registered.

Meaning of dtr

The DTR performs much of the legwork with clients, gathering data, running tests and performing screenings necessary for the RD to develop a treatment plan for that client. Each may function in the following job settings:

Meaning of dtr

Meaning of dtr

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  1. In places such as school, corporation and hospital cafeterias, DTRs often manage other food service workers and may help to prepare food, budget for money to purchase food, and participate in the food purchasing process. This includes coursework as mentioned above and a hour minimum internship, usually supervised by a RD.

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