Men rejecting women


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They think women cannot say no to their proposal or be disinterested in them, with especially disastrous results in a society in transition, like India, where regressive patriarchal ideas are clashing with modern reality on a daily basis. But things were changing.

Men rejecting women

Incels gather online in spaces like 4chan, an anonymous message board, after Reddit banned the community. He emailed an autobiographical document that gave a peek into his deep-rooted loathing of women, fuelled by an intense frustration over his virginity.

Men rejecting women

Men rejecting women

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  1. The reason could be our thirst to win each and every competition. Most of his victims were women.

  2. Alek Minassian, 25, was charged with first degree murder in the deaths of 10 pedestrians after he plowed through a walkway. Glimmer of hope Dr Mitra cites an example from his life in a small Swiss town called Appenzell in the s.

  3. But I do feel we are all not equipped to manage rejection at various levels. Mitra adds that what was heartening was that these Swiss men took a solution-oriented approach to the problem they were facing.

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