Menomonee falls rec dept


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Beginners class will teach the basic of Belly Dancing while increasing strength, flexibility and improving posture. Lessons will be held for ages 4 and 5 or ingoing kindergarten. Level 2 class is 6:

Menomonee falls rec dept

This 8-week session meets on Wednesdays from 7 to 8: Enjoy a short relaxation period at the end of class to reduce stress.

Menomonee falls rec dept

Menomonee falls rec dept

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  1. This program is designed for adults or seniors who have played tennis and have developed some level of consistency.

  2. Scientists will get to whip up several different slime recipes and spend the day learning about polymers then test their slime creations in a series of fun games and activities known as the Slime Olympics! Art and music… Moo Jam-Every second Thursday of the month at 7 p.

  3. Each day a new cooking experience will be presented from good eats to yummy treats. Learn an invaluable skill while building stamina, improve coordination, and burn calories during this fun and energetic fitness experience.

  4. This is a four-week class held at Surge Martial Arts.

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