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I suggest doing this while the dress is on so you know exactly how deep to cut your V. Needle and matching thread 4. Thus, be careful while checking all details on the merchandise please.

Merida adult

Cut a piece of lace, mesh, or chiffon about twice the length of your shoulder and elbow openings and twice the width as well. Items for one time wear or indoor use like shoe covers, boots tops, costume shoes, etccan not be returned.

Merida adult

Merida adult

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  1. Needle and matching thread 4. It should look gathered between the V.

  2. In addition to your dress you will also need… 1.

  3. I suggest doing this while the dress is on so you know exactly how deep to cut your V.

  4. Now remove your dress and lay it flat.

  5. I used pinking shears on one side to create a jagged edge. Fine leather cord or lacing.

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