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However, these aspects are indicative of but a few of the various ways in which the principles of the subject matter can be employed. UE can be communicatively coupled to radio access network RAN device Such software comprises an operating system


A user can enter commands or information into computer through input device s Computer , which can be, for example, RAN device , , etc. Further yet, two or more of the disclosed example methods can be implemented in combination with each other, to accomplish one or more aspects herein described.



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  1. Processors can exploit nano-scale architectures such as, but not limited to, molecular and quantum-dot based transistors, switches and gates, in order to optimize space usage or enhance performance of user equipment. In an embodiment, the use of RRC connection release comprising available channel data can enable access to an alternate band channel without need to alter the hardware of a UE that cannot employ alternate channel data via a SIB message.

  2. In addition, disk storage can comprise storage media separately or in combination with other storage media comprising, but not limited to, an optical disk drive such as a compact disk read only memory device, compact disk recordable drive, compact disk rewritable drive or a digital versatile disk read only memory. In view of the example system s described above, example method s that can be implemented in accordance with the disclosed subject matter can be better appreciated with reference to flowcharts in FIG.

  3. Data and signaling streams can comprise packetized or frame-based flows.

  4. At , a RRC connection release message can be generated.

  5. As yet another example, a component can be an apparatus that provides specific functionality through electronic components without mechanical parts, the electronic components can comprise a processor therein to execute software or firmware that confers at least in part the functionality of the electronic components.

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