Mvp commands


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World2 This will create a portal that will transport you to the spawn point in World2. While we don't have much time to work on the project, we do still take critical bugs very seriously and try to get them fixed as quickly as possible. ViewState contains the command queue — ViewCommands the class that is responsible for the list of commands and strategies and the View list.

Mvp commands

So, what we want to be able to do is manage the queue of commands for the exterior and interior changes separately. It will also be called in case of a new View attached.

Mvp commands

Mvp commands

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  1. Create a Custom Strategy We want to implement the following strategy:

  2. We want to remove absolutely all commands with this tag from the queue, i.

  3. Why does Moxy support custom strategy creation? Even teams with a different strategy, but a similar tag, will be deleted.

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