Navys new pirate catcher


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Now freed from England, our new nation no longer had the protection of her estranged mother country. In the introduction to Tripoli author David Smethurst says: This tri-maran is the first of a new fire breathing breed, ready to scoot out of dry dock at a rumored 60 knots top speed.

Navys new pirate catcher

Parallels abound between our first encounter with the Barbary pirates and this one. Unlike Europe, whose countries cynically paid the heavy tribute to these thieves, the United States chafed under the injustice.

Navys new pirate catcher

Navys new pirate catcher

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  1. And then we have the massive helo deck big enough for a CH S Independence was built by General Dynamics.

  2. King's reader, SG, the person who sent her the photos and captions, echoed my own feeling when he said:

  3. King's reader, SG, the person who sent her the photos and captions, echoed my own feeling when he said:

  4. Navy's New Pirate Catchers! It was the first time the ship had conducted end-to-end missions, and the crew successfully performed at the high operational tempos.

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