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These ELSA activities were both applauded and criticised, however. In a hands-on way, and from a first-person perspective, both restricted and enhanced forms of mental functionality could be experienced and compared with normalcy.


Participants share, discus and defend their viewpoints, until a certain level of agreement is reached. These innovations symbolise a society they do not want, reflecting for instance a neo-liberal atmosphere of cognitive capitalism, fostering socio-economic competition among individuals, who according to these voices are framed as brain managers or cognitive entrepreneurs. Her height is a definite asset for this has-been baller who is living vicariously through her daughter, Avery, while volunteering as a youth basketball coach.



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  1. As a final distinctive feature, one could mention that, although ELSA already tended to display a relatively strong hands-on profile, in the case of RRI, the tendency towards pragmatism is even more outspoken.

  2. Rather, the mutual learning model entails that all types of responses are to be taken equally seriously in the debate, and multiple factors may co-determine attitudes towards innovations in the neuro-enhancement field. The world would be in chaos because citizens of all nations were using brain optimisers.

  3. Genres of the Imagination Building on the experiences of others [ 28 , 29 ], 8 we explicitly explored how genres of the imagination such as novels, plays, movies, poems and art-works can be employed as imaginative laboratories of deliberative reflection, as windows into science and as podiums where future scenarios involving emerging technologies may be explored and assessed in a more or less experimental fashion. In addition to the above-mentioned things, Nerri enjoys talking about insurance to anyone who will listen and is always trying the close the deal on a sale.

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