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Free food is always a great incentive, but add in great music, free T-shirts, and new movies that you've been dying to see, and a fun night is just around the corner. The dance floor is huge, and everyone is welcome to jump on the stage and give their own show.

Night clubs charleston wv

Cabaret shows are Friday and Sunday nights, so get your dollar bills ready for those Britney look-alikes. Let your sobriety be your advantage and flex those brains for a chance to win house cash just by answering questions.

Night clubs charleston wv

Night clubs charleston wv

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  1. Tourists and suburbanites tend to flock here to let loose, and watch out for the Night at the Roxbury, bobbing-head guy. Want to benefit from all of those random useless facts that you've been picking up in your classes?

  2. So if you're running low on cash, catch a CAB event.

  3. If your favorite band is coming to town, there's a good chance they're going to be at the Music Farm. Your older friends are bar-hopping on Upper King, and you're left scrambling trying to find someone to buy you a six-pack and hoping you can find a party.

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