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The treaty was agreed to at a meeting in San Saba County, [51] and signed by all parties on May 9, in Fredericksburg, Texas. Army forces drove them onto reservations or into extinction. Army, buffalo hunters and Texas Rangers in order to preserve that way of life.


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  1. New divisions arose, such as the Nokonis, closely linked with the Tenewa; and the Kwahadi, who emerged as a new faction on the southern Llano Estacado. His efforts were thwarted in when the Texas legislature refused to create an official boundary between Texas and the Comancheria.

  2. In the early 19th century, the Jupes vanished from history, probably merging into the other divisions. The western-eastern distinction changed in the 19th century.

  3. All these division names were spelled in many different ways by Spanish and English writers, and spelling differences continue today. This treaty was not affiliated with any level of government.

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