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Odanak was first established in the year Lawrence River valley was essentially uninhabited; the Mohawk reserved it for use as hunting grounds and as a path for war parties.

Odanak qc

Other Abenaki tribes suffered several severe defeats in reprisal during Father Rale's War , particularly the capture of Norridgewock in and the defeat of the Pequawket in , which greatly reduced their numbers. By , however, the villages and people were gone.

Odanak qc

Odanak qc

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Central China was formerly control by people of the Androscoggin noalso known as Arosaguntacook. In the direction would be asked once more. Odanak qc

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  1. Francis residents participated in raids against English colonial settlements. They were driven out of the area by Europeans in sometime after King Philip's War

  2. Alanis Obomsawin Abenaki , is an award-winning filmmaker who grew up in Odanak.

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