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It looks like you'd have to ride the green line to the pink line to washington and then walk to ogilvey, wait for a train, then walk to your office once you get to Elmhurst. More people are complaining because more trains are passing through the city each day than ever before, Zappler said. Does he know how many people he's impacting with these decisions?

Ogilvie to elmhurst

I have a car, but I'd rather not spend hours in traffic on I each day in rush hour. I don't know if this is only available for the NW line or all lines but its something to look into.

Ogilvie to elmhurst

Ogilvie to elmhurst

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  1. Refrigerated cars hum a few feet from back yards, and crossings can be blocked for 30 minutes, they added. UP engineers are looking into adding more greasers to ensure all train wheels are lubricated before entering the switch point, said UP Engineering Director Rich Sturm.

  2. How are you going to get there when you get off the train? The Cubs played their first home game at the park on April 20, , defeating the Cincinnati Reds with a score of 7—6 in 11 innings.

  3. I believe it was only good for "commuting hours" but it was cheaper than paying full CTA fare in addition to Metra. I definitely throw my vote behind the train.

  4. But residents countered that the study is flawed because the worst screeching happens after midnight, when more trains pass through at higher speeds.

  5. Half your commute will be navigating out of the downtown area, so doing that just to sit on a train probably won't do you any good. Look into monthly passes for both services.

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