Ohiopyle state park camping


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A map of the Ohiopyle State Park campground can be found here. If you love natural beauty, a visit to Ohiopyle State Park in southwestern Pennsylvania should be on your list.

Ohiopyle state park camping

If you are biking the Great Allegheny Passage and planning to camp in Ohiopyle, a tough hike or very tough bike ride will be required to reach the campground. Kentuck is not it!

Ohiopyle state park camping

Ohiopyle state park camping

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  1. After finding a local park ranger and getting detailed directions for how to navigate the minute detour becauseā€¦ Pennsylvania. Bottom line is that Ohiopyle is one of the premier outdoor destinations around the Pittsburgh area, and the state park and additional forests and related state parks nearby are fantastic in every way - and I expected a state park campground that matched the area.

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