Oleander poisoning dogs


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In this case report, we describe the successful treatment of a dog with documented oleander toxicosis, with hypoglycemia as a pertinent clinical finding. The assay was not repeated in this case, as its main purpose was documentation of ingestion.

Oleander poisoning dogs

Discussion This case report describes the first documented incidence of hypoglycemia associated with oleander toxicity. Digoxin-specific Fab fragments in the treatment of oleander toxicity in a canine model.

Oleander poisoning dogs

Oleander poisoning dogs

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  1. This finding is interesting as it supports the possible use of certain compounds found in Nerium oleander plants as potential therapeutic agents for blood glucose control. This test may be used to document oleander toxicosis, as there is cross reactivity between oleander and pure digoxin in the radioimmunoassay [ 8 ].

  2. Initial radiographs of the chest and abdomen demonstrated subcutaneous emphysema thought to be iatrogenic secondary to subcutaneous fluid administration.

  3. This case reviews the presentation and treatment of oleander toxicity but also highlights possible effects of oleander on blood sugar in dogs. In summary, this report describes the first documented case of hypoglycemia attributed to oleander toxicity in a dog.

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