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Students will develop proficiencies in the academic, social, and communication skills necessary to become productive and responsible individuals in an increasingly diverse and technological society. Again, please keep this information in a safe place and do not share it with anyone else. A computer with a connection to the Internet Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.

Parent connect westland

Through the Portal, parents are able to access their students' information, such as class schedules, coursework, attendance and academic reports via the Internet. The music program includes band, strings, and choir.

Parent connect westland

Parent connect westland

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  1. Please look for this information. To find out what's available, click here.

  2. Facilities include swimming pools, auditoriums, an alumni arena, a planetarium, athletic stadiums, computer laboratories and instructional media centers.

  3. If you see grades in PowerSchool for some teachers but not others, this is a normal function of the way teachers assign and post grades.

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