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It is also lightly moderated, which means that it's up to you the community to downvote offensive posts and comments, and upvote constructive content. We also have spliced versions of the trans and genderqueer flags thanks, WTFcannuck!

Passable transvestites

Please use the "report" button on only these types of posts. I spent a number of years at one of the most politically correct places on the planet, Oberlin College.

Passable transvestites

Passable transvestites

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  1. So I totally get the sensitivity issues.

  2. We also have spliced versions of the trans and genderqueer flags thanks, WTFcannuck!

  3. Cook argued that the trans community is overreacting, writing, "Perhaps I just read too much of the Left's output, but I'm starting to wonder whether 'trans' people are engaged in some sort of concerted effort to be the most vocally boring and self-indulgent members of the perpetually aggrieved. In a word, overwhelming, with more than 52, notes on Tumblr as of Monday.

  4. Temkin said it best himself: Making jokes about rapes, making jokes about trans people, they don't have the same cultural power.

  5. But when the target becomes a marginalized group that has faced enormous difficulties gaining acceptance in the public sphere, things very quickly go sour. Others soon followed suit:

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