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Picture of aquarius

The southern radiant's peak rate is about 20 meteors per hour, while the northern radiant's peak rate is about 10 meteors per hour. Its lone planet was discovered in by the radial velocity method, like several other exoplanets in the constellation. Creation myths of all cultures throughout space and time most clearly illustrate this fact:

Picture of aquarius

Picture of aquarius

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  1. It was given its moniker by the 19th century astronomer Lord Rosse for its resemblance to the planet Saturn in a telescope; it has faint protrusions on either side that resemble Saturn's rings. The two are also moving through space perpendicular to the plane of the Milky Way.

  2. Deep sky objects[ edit ] The green bean galaxy J lies in the constellation of Aquarius [31] Because of its position away from the galactic plane, the majority of deep-sky objects in Aquarius are galaxies, globular clusters, and planetary nebulae. The constellation gives a clue.

  3. It appears blue-green in a telescope and has a central star of magnitude

  4. Having cooled and swollen to around 50 times the Sun's diameter, it is around times as luminous as the Sun. But Babylonian astrology is probably far older than that.

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