Pierce the veil tattoos


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This is kind of, kind of crazy but I was afraid they were gonna just hit the Adam's apple right there, and they actually moved it to the side, and they just tattoo around it. That's the girl from the record.

Pierce the veil tattoos

It's not done yet. My mom didn't seem to mind.

Pierce the veil tattoos

Pierce the veil tattoos

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  1. The guitarist was 19 when he got his first tattoo, and it was inspired by his hometown:

  2. I've had some artists that like to talk, but they stop doing what they're doing, and just sit there and talk to you. Mike got his first tattoo at the age of 18, and although his brother Vic has no tattoos, Vic did play a role in his sibling and bandmate's first piece of ink -- he actually drew the design himself!

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