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This is done by increasing the seven of diamond's strength to second in the list of trump: Players are not allowed to look at the face-down cards.

Play sheepshead online

Some variants allow for blitzers after the hand has been played. It can be played with a deck of either 32 or 24 cards. The picker takes two cards from the blind, and the player immediately behind him takes the other two blind cards; they bury together and then play as partners against the other five.

Play sheepshead online

Play sheepshead online

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  1. This version includes the option to peek at your discards before playing a card on a trick, view the cards as dealt to each player plus numerous changes to improve the card playing logic. The sixteen cards eight stacks of two cards closest to the dealer are the dealer's cards.

  2. This release doesn't contains any new functionality. This version includes the option to peek at your discards before you play a card and an option to have the game speak the contents of the message board.

  3. Another variation puts the seven of diamonds first in the list of trump. Whoever gets the bid then reveals what he is playing:

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